Deserving Child Criteria

Children from the UK aged 7-15 from disadvantaged back grounds having never skied before who will gain a real and lasting benefit as their problems will have made their lives so difficult and so unpleasant. For children who may not even hold a passport and would never expect a holiday in the UK, let alone abroad in a fashionable ski resort. Children having endured the traumas of major surgery or prolonged periods of treatment for life threatening illness poor prognosis and children now having to endure their disability for many more years to come For children having spent long periods of time either in hospital or at home subsequently missing out on family and school holidays because schools, airlines and coach operators and insurers have refused to take them. For children that simply deserve a treat like this.

Group Size

20 children/young persons and 29 adults

Enhanced CRB checks are carried out on all volunteers

Paediatric Consultant Doctor and nursing Physio Team

8 Adaptive Ski Guides/Instructors

Entertainments Officers

Ski Buddy Carers

Film and Photography Crew

And 2 caring Drivers

No Parents Allowed

Children remember are not accompanied by their family's guardians or normal carers and after 20-years we have seen the benefits first hand not just to the children but amazingly the parents. Some children and of course their parent/s may be quite anxious about travelling alone but we ask them this, "it's only 10-days out of their lives and if you say no you will never know". It's an amazing day for parents when these children pick up the courage to say YES I'm going skiing.

Children are very resilient there is so much happening so fast at Katie's, one surprise after another hardly any time to think of home.

Sadly though, sometimes we all have to respect when the children say they don't want to go skiing it's not always the children that are speaking!

Selection Procedure

You are invited to complete our Preliminary children's applications form which in turn will be overseen by our Paediatric Group Doctor and if applicable a medical form will be issued to be assessed by our Group Consult then presented to our insurance underwriters, who give the final permission for each child to travel.

All completed applications will be kept on file for subsequent holidays.

Importance of a Well Balanced Group

Our criteria enables us to produce a well balanced group of children/young persons and volunteers, enabling each child the chance to achieve to their fullest potential, therefore not depriving the child or others within the group. Balance is set against the child's illness or disability ability - suitable equipment - method of skiing - helper ratio to meet any special needs. This in turn helps medical problems not to be intrusive as to risk spoiling the fun and the activities.