Next Holiday

Depart: Friday 21st February 2014

Return: Sunday 2nd March 2014

Destination: Pflersch, South Tyrol, Near Vipitino Italy

Hotel: Full board at 3 Star Hotel Pension Argentum. We take over the hotel for the week!

What Can The Children Expect?

Fun - laughter - meeting new friends, an experience of a lifetime. The main objective of this ski holiday is that at the end of the 10-days, they will indeed have had that "holiday of a lifetime". The emphasis will have been on fun with the opportunity to enjoy all aspects of a winter holiday, snowballing, sledging, building snowmen, Apre' ski and of course skiing.

Who Will Be On The Holiday?

These holidays bring our nations children together, as twenty children travel from Scotland, England and Wales, accompanied throughout the holiday by 29 enhanced CRB checked volunteer helpers, including ski buddy helpers a paediatric doctor, nurses, physiotherapist, ski guides, 2 cameramen play leader and two entertainment's officers, who all give up their own holidays.


The group travel on reputable luxury coach which will be equipped with all the necessary medical equipment required to facilitate and transport the sick and disabled on holiday. Scottish Children Stay overnight Premiere Inn Aintree Liverpool and board the coach Friday morning to start picking up the rest of the group at various Service Stations. Burtonwood Services Warrington M62 then travel down towards London picking up on route on the M6 - M1 - onto Heston M4 - M25 Clackets Lane on down to Dover. By now they will have met new friends, had a few laughs, played games, watched a few videos and probably eaten themselves silly? We board the ferry approx 17.00 hrs guess what? Oh no more food, all paid for by us. Food will also be provided on the journey down and the return but any cakes etc. are always welcome. Arrive in resort Saturday lunch time and departing the following Saturday morning. The Sunday return crossing to England is by Euro Tunnel.

Clothing For Travelling In

Bring a warm coat, pair of gloves, scarf and a hat

Small blanket or sleeping bag and pillow for coach mark with your name where possible

Change of clothes for the journey if deemed necessary?


Your child/youngster will require their own current passport which must be valid for six months after the holiday return date.

EHIC European Health Insurance Card

It is essential that every person who travels to Europe should have one of these cards as this is part of their insurance cover. This entitles you to basic free medical cover outside of your insurance that you would receive from the National Health Service here in the UK. Please note that Katie's Ski Tracks also provides specialised Insurance cover for each child's / youngsters condition. In some circumstances we may have difficulties obtaining full insurance, if this situation arises we will contact you immediately in order to try and resolve the situation.

Apply on line now with the additional benefit of explanation video.

Spending Money

We suggest that you bring 90 Euros and around £10 in sterling. This is to buy a few souvenirs in resort for family, a few sweets in resort and motorway services). Everything else is provided by K.S.T.

Hand Luggage For Travelling

For inside the coach only not in a suitcase. Passport, E111 Reciprocal European Insurance Card, Change of clothes for the journey if deemed necessary, 12 days' supply of medication this will be checked by group doctor on arrival at coach. If you are on a vast amount of medication be sure to have more than enough in your suite case for emergencies.

Suite Cases Hold Baggage

Please do not bring an oversized suitcase as space is a premium with all our adaptive and supportive equipment.

The Hotel Resort

Home from home, set in the beautiful mountains. Everything is on our doorstep, no bus ride every morning, just step outside the hotel door and you are skiing. Our hosts are more than willing to please us, in fact they move mountains but we hope you like Pasta? The hotel is very warm so you can just wear your everyday clothing some of our helpers wear shorts around the hotel.

Skiing And Lessons

2-hours in the morning and 1 or 2-hour in the afternoon. This is where all the fun starts, skiing lessons, apprehensive, don't be, by the end of the week you'll all be superstars remember it's all about fun, fun, fun and learning with your new friends. You will be assessed before you travel according to your ability and equipment if required and don't worry it's not a competition. You may be thinking how can I ski, well you will be surprised, we have all our own specialised equipment to enable you all to ski and ten of the more mobile children will ski in the Italian ski school with Bruno and a nurse. Bruno speaks excellent English by the way. If you become tired activities are organised by your play leader in the hotel for you to take part in. The remaining children will be with our trained ski guides.

Apres Ski Night Times

Skiing holidays are not just about skiing, there is also Apre ski. What's this you may ask, well its discos, fancy dress, Karaoke and many other surprises. If you can you sing, dance, tell a joke, instrumental? It's your chance to become a star it's all part of the holiday.

Fancy Dress

There is a fancy dress party, we have a wide selection of fancy dress costumes to choose from in resort. 

Ski Clothing In Resort

You'll be in your ski gear jacket and trousers all day provided by us, It is very important that you measure your child /youngster accurately as these will be worn daily whilst out in the snow and even shopping . Please do not bring your own ski jackets to wear on the slopes. You will find it's warm enough inside the hotel, no need for loads of clothing, believe it or not it is normally quite warm outside at this time of year but, we do suggest a couple of warm jumpers just in case. If you do suffer with the cold we suggest full-length thermals to be worn under ski clothes especially for wheel chair users. We also ask parents/guardians to provide the following:

X3 Ski Tubes Socks

Woolly hat

Ski glasses optional as we do have a variety, we do suggest if you wear glasses you visit your opticians and explain you are going skiing and get a pair on prescription sun glasses

Apres Ski Boots or Waterproof Boots optional again we can carry these

Please do not go to any great expense. If for any reason you are unable to provide these items you would need contact us if travelling.

Photos And DVD Memento

We will make you a DVD and photo album which will be sent to you when edited so you can share your special moments with friends and family forever. Disclaimers will be signed to this purpose.

Policies And Procedures

Katie's Ski Tracks has all the necessary policies/procedures in situ to protect the organisation and every individual that travels. Each activity that is undertaken by Katie's Ski Tracks is risk assessed and documented on the relevant risk assessment forms.

Safeguarding Children/Young People

Formerly known as a Child Protection policy. The group has two responsible officers to deal with any incidents that may arise. If required all the above can be available at your request.

Enhanced CRB Disclosures

These are carried out by Atlantic data who are affiliated to the Criminal Records Bureau.

Group Dynamics

This is based on youngsters with varying disabilities and illness. Each child/youngster will be assigned a volunteer helper known as a ski buddy to share a room with. We operate an open door policy and no room is locked, apart from the group doctors and the cameramen's. Each youngster is assessed prior to travel and the relevant buddy will be assigned to accommodate that child's/youngster's needs. Some youngsters will require more support than others and in such cases two volunteer's helpers will be allocated.

If you are selected you will find more information to follow. Any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


Q. Can I get dressed up?

A. Yes. (this would only be in the evenings)

Q. Can I bring my hairdryer, straightness make up?

A. Yes

Q. Can I bring my camera and mobile phone?

A. Yes BUT these items will not be insured under the nature of our group insurance cover.