Dear Martin and Michelle,

I can't begin to thank you enough for the fabulous opportunity you have given Laura. She has returned home so full of life and immensely proud of what she was able to achieve on skis and off them. Laura has gained loads of confidence, new friends and this is all due to the supreme efforts of everyone involved with Katie's Ski Tracks.

I was particularly touched by the emotion of everyone at the service station when you all came back. It has meant so much to Laura, Louise and Myself. Thank you.

Steve Chick

I would just like to reinforce the comments made by Steve. Laura had the most fantastic time and it was such a great opportunity for her to do so much more e.g. Skiing on her own, mixing with other children on her own, singing in the Karaoke. Thank you all very much.


To Martin, Michelle and everyone who helped me on my Katie's Ski Tracks holiday.

It meant a lot to me and it was really fun.

Lot of Love