Dear Michelle,
Thank you so much I had an amazing time, one I will never forget. I really enjoyed everything, all the singing and dancing. I am so pleased to have met so many new friends and I really hope to keep in touch with them all, even though 10 days went so quickly, I got to know everybody really well.

After all the fun we had not just in Italy but also on the coach, going back to school was a shock to the system, a lot less exciting than speeding down the mountains (or rather sliding down on my stomach).

Thank you so much for everything

Lots of Love Emma Gunn xxxxxx

Dear Martin,
Thank you so much for the amazing holiday, I had so much fun not only skiing and all the activities, but also making friends. I will never forget every minute of it, especially the fancy dress party at the end of the week.

At the start when everybody said that Friday would come very quickly I did not believe them! It did go so quickly but it was still a big shock to the system when I returned back to school especially in the awful weather after all the sunshine on the slopes.

My Dad did not believe some of the things I had done, and I only felt it sink in after I read my diary and saw it in my own writing. I am so grateful for all your kindness as all the organisation you put in.

Thank You so much it was The Holiday Of A Lifetime!!!!!!

Lots Of Love
Emma Gunn xxxxxx

Dear Martin & Michelle
Emma had such a fabulous time with Katie's Ski Tracks I just Wanted to tell you how much it meant to her. I can't begin to thank you enough "It Must be so much work"

She came back with her "Fun Twinkle" in place again boiling over the news and excitement, it was wonderful.

She has made some really goods friends. She has spent the day with Angel. also texts and letters have been flying around since she got back.

I think it gave her her confidence back again, that she was no longer sick, that life was going to get even better than it was before. So it was a very special time for her. Lots of love to all the helpers and thanks for the endless enthusiasm for what they were doing. Emma said they were all such fun. How you manage to fit everything into 10 days is a mystery but as a teacher I know how much work is involved in organising children.

Emma is on two monthly check ups now so fingers crossed. I got a tax rebate so I enclose a cheque to help for next years trip

All best wishes and lots of love,

Katie's ski Tracks would like to thank Anne for her kind donation of £100, this is very much appreciated