Hi Martin and Michelle

Have you both recovered? Sorry we have taken so long to write. Life has been rather hectic since Harri's return. We were away on a family holiday all over Easter and as soon as we returned from that we had to go up to London for Harri to compete in the London Marathon!

It was his first attempt as he is still two years under the minimum age but he was competing as part of the Welsh development squad and as they think he's got future international potential they allowed him to enter. I ran alongside him and he did really well. He tried his best and had a time of 31 minutes which we were thrilled with.

Back to the skiing. We can't thank you enough for taking Harri with you. His physical development that week was remarkable. He was so much straighter when he returned and much more relaxed in his walking. He keeps his shoulders relaxed rather than forward flexing which is something he's never been able to do. And he's maintained that which we are all thrilled with.

He kept things pretty close to his chest when he first returned but he is gradually telling us more and more. He has phoned Christian his helper a couple of times, he had a birthday card from one of the boys and now wants to get in touch with Jake. He made some lovely friends on the trip. He has memories that will stay with him a lifetime. He still plays the CD's and obviously had a fantastic time. He has definitely grown up and has realised that he doesn't need us there all the time to help him out.

So a huge thank you from us for all your hard work.

Harri would like to add something to this.

Thank you for taking me on the trip. I really enjoyed it. I really like skiing now and I wish I could go again. My favourite bit was making new friends. Frog spawn at the bushtucker trial was disgusting. I think the trip has made me cheekier! I get my left foot flat a bit now and my balance is good. I spoke to Andy last week and he might come to see me. If I go to see a Liverpool match I'll go to see Christian.Hope you are okay. Hope I see you again. Bye.


Hi both

Well you have caused much excitement in our house! Harri has had the DVD on constantly since it arrived. He's also been texting Christian and Andy to talk to them about it. It's been great for us to be able to share in his experience. We've both shed quite a few tears I can tell you. We are one of the guilty ones and haven't been on the website to add comments so will get that done asap. Andrew also has some more stationary supplies to send you. I think he has laminating pockets. So again we'll get those sent soon.

As for sponsorship Andrew says that at the moment he has over 200 men working for him on just one site. So can you E-mail back to me asap a letter addressed to Andrew Jenkins, Divisional Director, Interserve explaining what you do as a charity. Andrew will then make copies of this and let all the men see it. He will ask them all to donate some money and will also run a raffle and then he will promise to match whatever is raised with a donation from the company. Does that sound ok to you?

Harri I know wants to mail you himself and we will get a letter off to Ian today.

Hope you are okay
Speak to you soon