Hi Shell
I just wanted to E-mail you to let you know how grateful I am to you for giving me the chance to experience a holiday of a lifetime!! Anyone can go skiing but what you give is so much more - the children who usually are in wheelchairs flying down the mountains with the biggest smile on their face and of course the suprises.

Now to the thank you's

Thank you to Uncle Brian for keeping me entertained, I don't think I have ever laughed so much than as at the world's smallest man.

Thank you to Joel for everything he done that week. By day he was a respectable cameraman and at night he turned into a cross dressing entertainer!

Thank you to Alex and Ian for capturing the memories and making sure we can re-live each moment over and over.

Thank you to Mark and Brian for putting up with us on that coach and driving us across half of Europe! But Mark is wrong I am not a mini me.

Thank you to Carl for worrying so much about safety! Who we all love so much for waking us up in such a cheerful way!

To Kate for all the work she did "behind the scenes" keeping the nights flowing! Bet she thinks it was worth having rear end toilet problems for a week!

And to you and Kate for the memories we had in that room

And lastly thank you to Martin who without all this would not have been possible and a lifetime's memories wouldn't have been made

Alll my Love,
Jess xxx

Hi to everyone at Katie's Ski Tracks

Jessica has just come back from the 2008 holiday and I am emailing you to say a big THANK YOU!!!

She hasn't stopped talking about it. Every day there is a different story. Her best bit was the surprises.

How you can organise such a fantastic holiday is beyond me. You have all worked exceptionally hard for every child to feel special. The presents she came home with were also fabulous. As you are all possibly aware Jess isn't the tidiest of teenagers so they are all on her bedroom floor so she can look at them to remind her of a fabulous time she had. Can't wait to see the DVD

I would also like to say a very big thank you to Michelle who I think made Jessica's holiday. She said you were just like her Dad and believe me that is a compliment!!

Jessica is planning to do a parachute Jump for her 16th birthday in January 2009 and she will be raising money towards Katie's Ski Tracks as well as her own Teenager cancer group Chics.

No doubt she will be in touch with some of you on a regular basis to keep you up to date with her plans.

Once again a very big thank you and good luck with your future holiday as you deserve it.

Jane x
(Jessica VB's mum)