Dear Martin, Michelle and everyone involved in Katie's Ski Tracks,

Thank you all for all your generosity, your compassion and caring. Our son Rory experienced far more than the holiday of a lifetime. He experienced a joy that he couldn't put into words and we realized how immense the phenomenon of Katies Ski Tracks is when we saw his tears and reluctance for the time spent with you to end.

From our first contact it has been clear that the holiday is organized with the children's well being and safety of paramount importance. Rory told me that he had never felt so comfortable or happy with a group of people he had never met before. I am grateful for so much:

That our son got to see the view from the top of a snow-capped mountain and ski down a forest edged slope.
That he spent time with people who gave more of themselves than I thought was possible to give.
And that he has new confidence in himself as a young person who can achieve his goals in life.

Thank you for making the holiday such good fun. Thank you for such a precious gift.

Yours gratefully,
Dawn and Kevin O'Connor