Hey Shell & Martin,
I just wanna say a big Thank you for the best 10 days of my life, the whole trip was so magical and every single second of the holiday I extremely enjoyed. It gave me a chance to stop thinking of my cancer which was very important to me, you also took my life into a whole new world. Whilst in Italy it was if I never had cancer before because I got treated the same way as everyone else which I appreciated, we were all treated like adults and not kids with cancer. I met a lot of inspirational friends which I got really close to especially my room buddies Shell & Jo, and the lads also. We shared our thoughts with each other, also you could talk to the adults about your thoughts and feelings as we was one big happy family.


In November before I went skiing with Katie's Ski Tracks, I had the opportunity to go to Florida with Destination Florida, after that holiday I thought to myself nothing could ever be as good or exciting as Florida, but when I went skiing I thought I had found something better, it was so exciting and amazing no words could describe.


People who get this opportunity to travel with Katie's Ski Tracks I inspire you to go because you will have the best time of your life. I know I certainly did, nothing will ever be as gud as this holiday. I never thought I would ski it was just amazing, fun, the memories will stay with me forever, it gave me confidence I never thought I had.


Martin and Shell are like parents to you in Italy because you can talk to them about anything you like, they are the most trustworthy and inspiring people I know. If you are sharing with with Shell you are very lucky LOL!!!!!! I wish I was going back to Italy skiing with Katie's Ski Tracks.........


I miss everyone from the 2009 trip.


Love you Lots
Hugs & kisses
Love Jenny