Katie's Ski Tracks will be a trip of a lifetime I will never forget. I would never ever of been able to ski in such an amazing place, with the most inspiring, heart-warming people and have been given breath-taking opportunities if it wasn't for the fantastic charity you two are dedicated dearly to.

Sarah 2010 - Read More

I just wanna say a big Thank you for the best 10 days of my life, the whole trip was so magical and every single second of the holiday I extremely enjoyed.

It gave me a chance to stop thinking of my cancer which was very important to me, you also took my life into a whole new world.

Jenny, 2009 - Read More

Thank you all for all your generosity, your compassion and caring. Our son Rory experienced far more than the holiday of a lifetime. He experienced a joy that he couldn't put into words and we realized how immense the phenomenon of Katie's Ski Tracks is when we saw his tears and reluctance for the time spent with you to end.

Dawn and Kevin O'Connor, Parents of Rory, 2009 - Read More

I have been an emotional wreck since she came home, you are all stars. Every time I look at the photos I cry, everyone looks like they had a great time. The looks on all your faces are unbelievable.

I can't thank you enough for all you have done.

Ellie 2009 - Read More

I just wanted to E-mail you to let you know how grateful I am to you for giving me the chance to experience a holiday of a lifetime!! Anyone can go skiing but what you give is so much more - the children who usually are in wheelchairs flying down the mountains with the biggest smile on their face and of course the surprises.

Jess 2008 - Read More

I can't begin to thanks you enough for the fabulous opportunity you have given Laura. She has returned home so full of life and immensely proud of what she was able to achieve on skis and off them. Laura has gained loads of confidence, new friends and this is all due to the supreme efforts of everyone involved with Katie's Ski Tracks.

Laura 2008 - Read More

You really do make dreams come true and a brilliant holiday of a lifetime. From our Greek dance to me and Sam dancing to the Dirty Dancing 'Time of My Life'. All from everyday lunch to John eating frogs. That was a fantastic holiday and no-one can make it as special as you and Martin did.

Hydie 2006 - Read More

We can't thank you enough for taking Harri with you. His physical development that week was remarkable. He was so much straighter when he returned and much more relaxed in his walking.

He has memories that will stay with him a lifetime.

Harri 2004 - Read More

Thank you so much for the amazing holiday, I had so much fun not only skiing and all the activities, but also making friends. I will never forget every minute of it, especially the fancy dress party at the end of the week.

Emma 2004 - Read More

I could go on forever but in short THANK YOU, thank you for organising, fundraising, entertaining, instructing, mothering and most of all caring. To care and consider for other peoples children and well being is precious, especially as you have no children of your own. Well I think you really have the largest family of all. With the children from numerous holidays that you have provided and to enable so many to reach for the stars and succeed, magnificent.

Heather 2004 - Read More

You all have given Poppy the Holiday of her dreams and completely indulged her, which is so special. We just cannot convey our thanks enough. We realize all the hard work that went into arranging the holiday and all the organization whilst there.

So many, many kind hearted folk who helped all our children, how wonderful to give time freely like that.

Poppy 2004 - Read More