• Imagine...

    Having The Ability To Give A Bird Its Wings So It Can Fly

  • Where Dreams...

    and Aspirations meet Opportunities

  • The Ultimate...

    Alpine Adventure Holiday Of A Lifetime

  • These Experiences...

    Have A Character Of Their Own

  • Even Sick Children...

    Exploring The Great Outdoors In Clean Crisp Mountain Air

  • Katie's Motto...

    Enabling These Youngsters To REACH FOR THE STARS

  • Learning New Skills...

    Through Play Fun, Freedom & Friendship

  • Independence & Achievement...

    The Ultimate Experience

  • Peer And Group Interaction

  • Specialised Instruction & Adaptive Equipment

  • Peace Of Mind For Parents

  • This Unforgettable Experience...

    Is Set In The Beauty Of Snow Capped Peaks

  • With Smiles And Memories...

    That Will Last A Lifetime

  • This Unique Experience...

    Will Continue To Benefit These Children Personally & Socially For Years To Come

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Katie's Ski Tracks changes young lives by taking children from disadvantaged backgrounds, on an adventure Skiing Holiday of a Lifetime

Katie's Ski Tracks is a registered UK charity that takes disadvantaged children with life-threatening or life-limiting medical conditions, disability, or extreme social problems, on an adventure Skiing Holiday of a Lifetime to Italy - without their parents or carers.

Because of their conditions these youngsters are so often excluded from school and family holidays and for some, unfortunately, it will be the first and last holiday they will ever take.

Katie's Ski Tracks make the impossible possible

Each group travels overland with 20 children and 29 CRB-checked carers, including a paediatric medical team, and ski guides, able to meet the 24 hour needs of each individual child.

Katie's Ski Tracks pulls out all the stops to give the children 10 magical days of exhilarating travel, fun, and excitement. Giving them an opportunity to discover independence, confidence, self esteem and a whole new outlook on life. Participating in experiences they never thought possible, whilst giving some much needed respite for the family back home.

Katie's Ski Tracks is run by volunteers who receive no wages or remuneration. All the volunteers give their time for free and fund-raise to help pay their own fare, or pay out of their own money. With no authority funding, professional fund-raisers, or expensive marketing campaigns, support from the public is vital to keep making "The Impossible Possible".

If you would like to help us, please visit the fundraising section, or click on the Donate button. We rely on donations - however small. If you can help, please accept a sincere Thank you.

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Our Patron - Jade Jones MBE

Jade Jones MBE

Reach for the stars Katie's kids, I did

Our Patron - Sharron Davies MBE

Sharron Davies MBE

Our Patron - Eddie The Eagle Edwards

Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards